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Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education.  I strongly believe that Physical Education is very important to all children as it teaches not only skills on the court/field but also how to be part of a team and many other important things that students should learn.  During the course of the 2021-22 school year, students will participate in units in many sports, including:  basketball, soccer, flag football, newcombe.  All students in Physical Education will be required to dress out and participate daily.

PE uniform consists of:  PE Shirt(can be purchased in class or on website,, athletic shorts and sneakers.  Students should bring a water bottle with them each day as we will be outside on most days.  Students are required to be actively participating in one of the activities offered daily or choose to walk continuously throughout the class period until dismissal.

Grading will be based on dressing out and participating each day.


Lock and Locker Room Directions

Each student at Tequesta Trace has an assigned locker for the year and we provide them with a lock to secure their items. The small locker they are assigned is for them for the year, nobody else will use this locker. THE BIG LOCKER SHOULD BE USED ONLY DURING THE CLASS PERIOD ONLY AND IS USED BY ANOTHER PERSON EACH CLASS PERIOD. At the end of the period, your child needs to make sure that their items are in the small locker and that it is locked up.

Directions to open locks

  • Clear the lock - Hold the lock and spin the dial to the RIGHT at least 5 times before stopping at the first number.

  • Stop at the first number, now spin the dial to the LEFT. Pass the number one time and STOP at it the second time.

  • Spin the dial to the RIGHT and stop at the 3rd number the first time you come to it.

  • Pull the lock and it should open. If it does not open, start the process again.

Please feel free to contact me


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